What is Trufl?

Trufl is an on-demand seating platform that allows guests to bid on the next available and skip the line. Any amount bid acts as a credit towards a guest’s food and beverage spend. In other words, if you bid $50, you get to spend $50 in the restaurant.

Trufl allows guests to enter in their dining, dietary, and hospitality preferences. Restaurants then have the ability to provide a more customized and unique dining experience that best fits each guest.

Guests can also use Trufl simply to join a waitlist from their phone.

How do guests use Trufl?

All guests have to do is download the Trufl application, search for their favorite restaurant, and sign-up to join the waitlist, make a bid, or use the Get Seated Now option.

The Bidding Process

What is a Trufl Bid?

A Trufl bid is an amount that a guest commits to spending at a restaurant towards food and beverage.

How do I know if the restaurant accepts my bid?

If the restaurant accepts your bid, you will receive a text message and a push notification.

How do I cancel a bid?

In order to cancel a bid, you go to the map home screen. Under the restaurant name, there is an option to edit your offer. You can then choose to increase your bid, decrease your bid or remove your bid.

Can I cancel my wait position if I found another restaurant I want to go to?

In order to cancel a wait position, you go to the map home screen, and under the restaurant name circle icon, there is an option to leave the waitlist. You can then choose to leave the waitlist. After you’ve left, you then have the option to joinanother waitlist at a different restaurant.

If I bid on a table, will I get a second chance to rebid higher?

You can change your bid at any point before a bid is accepted. We encourage Trufl members to make a 4 or 5 star bid in order to increase your chances. Once a bid is accepted by a restaurant, there is not a chance to rebid higher.

Is my bid a credit towards my food and beverage?

Yes, your bid is a credit and can be used towards food and beverage.

Does my bid include tax and gratuity?

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Your bid does not include tax or gratuity. You must pay for both tax and gratuity at the end of your dining experience.

How much time does a restaurant have to accept a bid to a restaurant?

When you make a bid, you will be quoted a waiting time. The restaurant can accept your bid at any point during that waiting period. You will never wait longer than your quoted wait time.

Why does my party size affect my wait time?

Wait time is based on table availability and size. Our platform allows you as a guest to be quoted an accurate wait time based on your party size.

Get Seated Now (GSN) Option

What is Get Seated Now?

Get Seated Now is the option for you to bid on a table at an amount determined by the restaurant that guarantees your party to be seated immediately. Your entire Get Seated Now price will go towards your food and drink.

Can I cancel once I’ve been charged for Get Seated Now?

You cannot cancel was you have been charged for Get Seated Now.

Why is the Get Seated Now option not available at certain restaurants or at certain times?

It is up to the restaurant to choose if they would like to provide the Get Seated Now option. Sometimes restaurants simply do not have availability. When Get Seated Now is available, it will flash bright gold on your screen.

After a Bid Has Been Accepted

My offer was accepted, now what?

After your bid is accepted, the restaurant is ready to seat you. Enjoy your dining experience and simply pay tax, tip, and any amount spent over your bid at the end of your meal.

Trufl Inc.
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My offer was accepted but I changed my mind. How do I cancel?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel once your bid has been accepted by the restaurant. 

Trufl Experience

Can I text the host/hostess with preferences?

When you make your bid, you will be able to include any and all preferences that relate to your restaurant experience. If you have additional considerations, please see the host in person.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds.

Who do I call if I have issues with my Trufl payments or any other Trufl questions?

If you have a question related to the Trufl app, you can email us at info@Truflapp.com

How do I make restaurant recommendations I would like to see Trufl in?

 We love to get restaurant recommendations. Please email us at info@Truflapp.com 

Can I combine my Trufl bid with other offers? (i.e. restaurant week, etc.) This will up to the specific restaurant.

Payment Questions

What happens if I don’t spend my entire bid in the restaurant?

Your bid represents a one-time use credit voucher that cannot be refunded nor used at another time.

What happens if I spend more than my bid in the restaurant?

If you spend more than your bid in the restaurant, the difference will be added to your bill at the end of your restaurant experience.

If I do not spend all of my bid, can I get a gift card for the remaining balance?

The remaining credit on your bid cannot be exchanged for a gift card. Once a bid is accepted, the credit must go towards food and beverage during that one restaurant experience.

Do I have to add my credit card information for each restaurant I go to?

Your credit card information will be stored on your Trufl profile. As a result, you will not have to add it for each restaurant that you go to.

Trufl Status and Rewards

What does my Trufl status mean?

Your Trufl status is related to the rewards you have gained via the Trufl platform. For more information click here.

What are Trufl rewards points?

Trufl users earn Trufl reward points for interacting with the Trufl application. For more information click here.

How do I gain more Trufl rewards points?

You gain more Trufl reward points by joining restaurant waiting lists, making bids on tables, and spending money at restaurants as well as sharing the app with friends.

Why is my status on Trufl different than my status at a specific restaurant?

You have two statuses. Your Trufl status is known by any restaurant that you attend. Your restaurant status tracks your dining status at that specific restaurant and is only known by that specific restaurant.

If I am able to increase my status with my bid that night, do I get to automatically use the benefits?

Yes, all of your benefits are immediate.

If I spend money at the restaurant via gifts cards or promotions, do I earn Trufl points for those spend amounts?

No, Trufl points are only gained through transactions via the Trufl app.